Trashy Neighbors: Tips for Discouraging Unauthorized Dumping in Your Rented Dumpster

Whether it's time for spring cleaning or you're planning a home renovation, investing in a dumpster rental can simplify the waste-disposal process. Unfortunately, that open dumpster could look like an open invitation to your neighbors, especially if there's a fee for garbage disposal in your area. This can be costly to you since most dumpster rental companies charge by weight when they haul the unit off. That means that you're paying your dumpster rental company to dispose of your neighbor's garbage. Here are some tips to help you combat the unauthorized dumping.

Talk It Out

One of the most common reasons why neighbors start disposing of their garbage in an accessible dumpster is simply because they don't realize that the renter is charged by weight. They may assume that someone's paying a flat rate, so it isn't hurting anyone. Take a few minutes to talk with your neighbors and let them know that the dumpster was rented for a specific purpose and that you're paying by weight for everything disposed of in it. For those who would use it solely because they didn't understand, this might help to prevent that.

Post the Property

For people who aren't immediate neighbors and may not understand that your dumpster isn't publicly accessible, post signs prohibiting unauthorized dumping. Even something simple that just says "Private Dumpster" or "Not For Public Use" is sufficient. The goal is just to include a visual discouragement, because that can be enough to deter some people.

Monitor the Dumpster

When you finish up for the night, take a minute to look in the dumpster. Make a mental note of what's in it. In the morning, check it again. If there are any additional bags or other waste in there that weren't there when you closed up for the night, remove them. Try to determine who they belong to and return them to the homeowner.

Cover Things Up

Add a tarp or similar covering to the top of the dumpster when you're done working for the day. Secure it with clips, snaps, or even bungee cords to keep it in place. The harder you make it to get the cover off, the less likely anyone will be to dump anything in it. Part of the reason that people use a dumpster is for the convenience. When it's that difficult to get into without being seen, it's no longer convenient.

Shed Some Light

For people who seek to dump trash at night when nobody else is likely around, eliminating the shadows they can hide in limits their access. Put flood lights up around the dumpster and set them on a motion sensor. That way, if someone tries to get into the dumpster, it will illuminate the whole space. Just as motion-sensor lights can discourage burglars, they can discourage unauthorized dumpers, too.

Add Some Cameras

If you're struggling with unauthorized dumping despite your best efforts, consider installing video cameras to help you track the activity around the dumpsters when you can't be there. When paired with the motion-sensing floodlights, this adds a significant deterrent. If you're going to add video, consider discouraging unwanted dumping even further by adding signs notifying people of the video surveillance. After you're done with your renovating or cleaning project, you can keep the cameras up for regular home security.

Having a dumpster on your property when you're cleaning out for spring or starting a renovation project may save you from the hassle of dealing with disposal permits and other licenses. Most dumpster rental companies will tell you what they are authorized to dispose of, and they can take care of the bulk of your waste. With these tips, you'll be able to keep unwanted trash out of your dumpsters and ensure that you're only paying for waste that you generate. Contact a company like Road Runner Waste Service Inc to get started.