3 Things To Understand About Renting Out Toilets For Your Construction Job Site

If you have a construction job site that you are responsible for setting up, you need to make sure that you provide toilets for the workers at the site. Here are a few things you need to understand about construction site portable toilet rentals:

#1 Rental Terms Are Longer

The rental term for construction site toilets is longer than it is for special event rentals. Generally, if you rent out toilets for a construction site, the company will require you to rent out the toilets for at least a month. Be prepared to sign a long-term contract if you need toilets for a construction site.

#2 Payment Is Due Monthly

Due to the longer rental terms, the payment terms are also different. With special events, you typically have to pay for the toilets in full upfront. With long-term portable toilet rentals for construction sites, you are usually able to pay for the service a month at a time. Your payment is still due at the start of the month, not the end of the month, but most toilet rental companies are not going to require you to pay for six months of toilet rental upfront. They understand that paying that much upfront is a big ask and that construction projects lengths can be a little unpredictable and flexible terms are best for the long-term.

Your first month's payment will include the delivery and removal costs, so at the end of your rental, you will not be charged for the removal of the units. Your monthly rental costs will also cover the weekly clean-up and resupply fee.

#3 Weekly Clean-Up

When portable toilets are placed on a long-term site, such as a construction project, you can expect the toilets to be cleaned on a weekly basis. The toilet rental company will send someone out once a week to clean the toilets. They will pump all of the waste out of the toilets, clean the toilet bowl and sanitize both the inside and outside of the unit.

When they clean the toilets, they will also resupply them as well. They will refill the toilet paper and the soap for the hand washing stations as well as fill up the paper towels. You do not have to provide the supplies for the toilets, your rental company will take care of that.

When renting portable toilets for a construction site job, the rental terms are longer, the initial payment is due upfront with monthly payments to follow, and weekly clean-up and resupply is provided for you.