Setting Up Portable Hygiene Facilities At Summer Youth Camps

Summer youth camps provide lots of fresh air and outdoor activities for children, but these young campers may have unique personal toileting and hygiene needs. Some campgrounds used for summer camps don't always have enough toilets and shower facilities, and those that are available may be too far for young children to walk to when they need to tend to personal needs. Here are a few options you can use to meet these needs temporarily at your campground.

Cabin-Adjacent Portable Toilets

If the cabins on your campground aren't equipped with in-house bathrooms, consider placing portable toilets near the cabins. For small clusters of cabins, place a few portable toilets within a short walking distance from the buildings. If your campground is set up with all cabins situated next to each other, you can add two rows of portable toilet stalls. Be sure to include handicap-accessible stalls so children of all ability levels can tend to personal needs. 

Portable Shower Trailers

Getting large groups of children bathed quickly and efficiently can be a challenge for camp counselors. Some campgrounds have limited shower facilities that are typically used by adults as needed, while youth camps may have scheduled times for showers. You can accommodate more children by renting portable shower trailers. These trailers have individual stalls for each person to use when bathing, and they can be hooked up to a nearby water line for operation. You can place the trailers in a centralized location in the camp, or you can situate them near the cabins for easy access.

Portable Toilet Trailers

For some campers, "roughing it" can be a struggle. If possible, consider bringing a few comforts from home to the campground with portable toilet trailers. These trailers feature sinks and vanities, running water, and flushing toilets. While it may not be feasible to have the trailers located throughout your camp, you can make them available near the dining hall or other common areas. When visiting this part of the camp, children can enjoy more of a home-like experience while taking care of personal hygiene needs. If your camp has teenagers, consider making feminine hygiene products available in the trailers for added comfort and convenience.

Take note of how many campers you expect, as well as their ages, and partner with a portable toilet rental company to determine the right number of toilets and showers for your summer youth camp program.