4 Reasons To Have Portable Restroom Rentals On Your Construction Site

If you oversee a construction project, it is important to ensure workers have enough restrooms. As a construction project manager, you are in charge of ensuring that your workers have what they need to get the project completed on time. If constructing permanent toilets is out of the question, you should consider getting portable toilets. The following are reasons to have portable restroom rentals on your construction site.

1. Reduce Time Wastage

The absence of toilets within a construction site would force workers to find toilets elsewhere. Some may be forced to drive or walk to find restrooms in hotels or gas stations. This leads to time wastage and lower productivity.

As a result, you might fail to complete the project on time because your workers will not focus on your project throughout the day. This will cost you more money in the long run. Instead, rent enough restrooms to keep your workers on the site and minimize downtime.

2. Avoid Invading Your Client's Privacy

Another option that your workers might consider is using your client's restrooms. While your clients may not have a problem with that, they probably don't appreciate having strangers access their homes or offices. Using clients' toilets also creates a bad impression that could ruin your company's reputation. Fortunately, you can protect your clients' privacy by giving your workers their restrooms. They don't have to keep asking if you can use your client's toilet or walk into their house when they don't expect visitors.

3. Comply With Relevant Regulations

Depending on the size of your project, OSHA requires that you provide enough restrooms for all your workers. Like other regulations, your project could come to a standstill if you don't comply. You may also incur unnecessary penalties. However, you can save yourself the trouble by following the regulations and renting portable toilets. Moreover, you will save money by avoiding fines.  

4. Maintain High Hygienic Standards

Another great reason to install portable toilets on your construction site is to maintain high sanitary standards. If you limit access for your workers to relieve themselves, they might overuse the available toilet or pollute the environment. Preserve the environment by ensuring your construction site remains clean. Furthermore, the rental company is responsible for disposing of the waste and ensuring enough toiletry distribution. Therefore, getting toilet rentals keeps your construction site clean and improves your reputation.

You need to set up enough portable restrooms to streamline your project and activities within your construction site. Contact a portable restroom rental company for help.