Own A Septic Tank In A Cold Climate? Should You Pump During Winter?

If you've recently purchased a home in a rural part of your county, you may be adjusting to life with a septic tank rather than a public sewer hookup. While a septic tank can be an eco-friendly and inexpensive way to handle your household's solid and liquid waste, a clogged or leaking septic tank can pose a number of issues -- from standing sewage in your yard to backed-up toilets and sinks. Read More 

Four Diseases You Can Avoid By Removing Your Construction Debris​

If you work on a construction site, it may be more economical to pile up the debris that you have until you finish the job. Unfortunately, depending on the length of time the project takes, your debris may become more than an eyesore. Standing water, as well as hiding places for various rodents, can become the breeding ground for several infectious diseases,  By cleaning up as you go, you may avoid making your crew, as well as those around the job site, sick. Read More